Testing Center Policies for Students


Testing Center Policies for Students

For UCCS students who have missed or plan to miss an exam in their class, the University Testing Center may be available to provide proctoring services. This service is only available WITH the faculty member’s permission. The cost to the student is $30.00/exam. Payment can be paid at https://testingcenter.uccs.edu/payment and is required at the appointment date/time.

UCCS students who may be exempt from the proctoring charge are:

  • Students registered with Disability Services for testing accommodations;
  • NCAA student athletes who miss the exam due to Mountain Lion Athletic travel or events;
  • Jury Duty summons;
  • Active-duty military orders that conflict with scheduled exam;
  • UCCS student athletes training at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) with athletic travel or events during exam date.

If you are a student in one of the scenarios above, please bring proof of the conflict for review from the Testing Center staff to your appointment. Examples of proof include syllabi with test dates, copies of orders, summons, or athletics schedule.

Guidance for students who are actively sick: 

The University Testing Center (UTC) advises students to follow the appropriate precautions as recommended by the CDC and campus guidance related to COVID-19. Updated campus guidance can be found on the COVID19-19 website here. We ask that you do not come to the UTC if you are actively sick. Students displaying symptoms will be asked to leave.

The University Testing Center is a resource for students and faculty who need test proctoring services. However, students are responsible for the $30 proctoring charge even if the exam was missed due to sickness, illness, or a positive COVID-19 test. The funding for COVID-19 waivers is no longer available. 

If the student is unable to pay the testing charge, we recommend they connect with their faculty on alternative proctoring options, such as a makeup Canvas exam, in-person proctoring during the faculty’s office hours or proctoring via TA or graduate student.

University Testing Center Policies: