Test Appointment Request Form

University Testing Center is taking a limited number of makeup exams for UCCS students. Proctoring available is for paper-based exams ONLY. We are unable to proctor computer/online based exams, such as Canvas exams currently. Please complete the following information to request an appointment. For the best availability, please select dates at least one-week in advance

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Test Appointment Request

Have you received permission from your instructor to schedule a make-up exam at the University Testing Center?
Is the exam your requesting a Canvas or online exam?
If Yes, your test appointment request will be denied. The Testing Center proctors paper-based exams ONLY. Please contact your instructor for alternate proctoring options.

Date: Please provide your top three requested dates in order of preference. The appointment date/time will be approved/declined by the University Testing Center staff.

Course Information

(e.g., PSY 1000 Section 006).
(e.g., Quiz 2, Midterm 1, Final Exam).
Are you requesting to take the Reasoning Skills Test (RST)?

Proctoring Charge

The cost to the student is $30.00/exam. This is required at the appointment date/time. If you are requesting an exemption to the proctoring charge, please indicate the reason from the list below:

If you are a student in one of the scenarios above, please bring proof of the conflict for review from the Testing Center staff to your appointment. Examples of proof include syllabi with test dates, copies of orders, summons, or athletics schedule.

You will receive an email confirmation when your appointment request is approved or denied.

Please contact University Testing Center at 719-255-3354 with any additional questions.