Reasoning Skills Test


Reasoning Skills Test

The Reasoning Skills Test (RST) is for students wishing to test out of ID 105. ID 105 is a quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills course. It is designed to bring incoming students up to a minimum competency in quantitative skills. It includes such topics such as logic arithmetic, graphing, statistics, problem solving skills, and algebraic skills.
Students are recommended to study for the exam before making a test appointment.  The textbook is recommended and can be purchased in the UCCS Bookstore. This text is also available on reserve at the Kraemer Family Library. The book is called “Reasoning Skills for Everyday Life” 2nd Edition by James F. Burkhart.

  • Time limit = 2 hours
  • Cost is $30.00
  • To pass a score of 60 is needed
  • The test is proctored online through Canvas.
  • Bring: Photo ID, $30.00, and a calculator
  • Students can only take one time per semester. Summer semester counts as one semester


Call:    719-255-3354


Visit:   Main Hall 105